Our Story

Oseh Chessed was established in early 2014, as myself and Mali my partner & Co-Founder, manged to distribute kosher Passover food packages to 20 families  in need , The feedback was overwhelming.
we quickly moved into widening our efforts to reach and help as many families as possible,
The following Rosh Hashana we reached 50 families, and kept growing .
on Passover 2016 we managed B”H to reach -out to 126 Jewish families in need in the Greater Los Angeles area!
we couldn’t be more thankful that Hashem provided us with this godly opportunity.

In September 2016 we begone a new mission to  distribute Shabbat food packages every week to about 50 families (valued at $100-130). along with gifts and toys giveaways to thier children   we so dearly love .
We feel that it is our duty to keep expending and growing as  much as we can B”H.
The majority of these funds and donated by anonymous kind people.
We are so Greatfull  to them and wish them and there families all the blessing and wishes
we are thankfully as well to the team of the volunteers that help every week and every opportunity making this giveaway possible.
If you too want to participate and  take part of this giant Mitzvah,
please contact me or us or visit us online : http://osehchessed.org

What We Do
What We Do At Oseh Chessed

General Assistance

From toys and presents for children whose parents can’t afford them, to general assistance with finances and food, it is our mission at Oseh Chessed to help families in need – in any way that we possibly can.

Food for Pesach

Oseh Chessed was founded when we organized the distribution of food for Pesach to families in need in 2014. Each year since then, Oseh Chessed has donated packages of food to people struggling to feed their families for the Passover holiday.

Food for Rosh Hashana

Each year, Oseh Chessed donates food to families in need for Rosh Hashana. Many families struggle during the holidays, so we make it our mission to help as much as we can each Jewish New Year.

Food for Shabbat

Some families struggle each week with something many of us take for granted: the ability to put food on the table and enjoy a nice meal with our loved ones for Shabbat. At Oseh Chessed, we try our best to help as many of these families as we can.


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