Providing Much Needed Help

With Hashem’s help, Oseh Chessed now provides food to help over 200 families, including weekly Shabbat needs, food for Jewish holidays, as well as special programs and gifts – including hundreds of brand-new toys and other presents for Chanukah in  2019.

This fulfills a vital need to the Jewish community in Los Angeles and accomplishes a very valuable mitzvah. We welcome your support.

Each Shabbat package contains food worth $100 to $130. This can only be accomplished with the generous help of Our Partners and our generous donors. Every donation counts!

  • Shabbat
  • Holidays
  • Single parent families
  • The Sick (Cholim)
  • The Elderly

Connecting with people, building relationships, serving those in need within the Jewish community, regardless of affiliation or level of observance

Rosh Hasanha