Helping Jews Families in Need

All boxes are packed on site, fresh, before Shabbat. Donations can be mailed to:
Oseh Chessed 12247 Hattaras St.Valley Village, CA 91607

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Oseh Chessed 12247 Hatteras St.Valley Village, CA 91607

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone

About Us

How Oseh Chessed Began

In 2014, the Azoulay family experienced two miracles. Rabbi Gadi and Inbal Azoulay’s son recovered from a serious illness, Boruch Hashem. That was the first miracle. The second one was the kindness they experienced while the family was in crisis during the illness. The fact that people and organizations helped them with all kinds of needs so that they could be there for their son and still keep their household functioning for the rest of the family was a miracle in itself. Once their son recovered and the Azoulays’ lives returned to normal, they were inspired to show gratitude to Hashem and thankfulness to the community by helping others in need.

That’s when Mrs. Azoulay and her partner, co-founder Mali Lougasi, began a campaign to help Jewish families in need to receive food for Passover. They fed 20 families with food packages they put together through donations they solicited, with the help of just a few volunteers. Encouraged by this success and an overwhelming outpouring of support, they continued this work, widening their efforts to reach as many families as possible. By the following Rosh Hashanah, they were able to provide food for 50 families, and their reach only continued to grow.

Passover in 2016 meant a new milestone once again, as Oseh Chessed provided food packages to 126 Jewish families in time for the holiday. This led to a new mission: to distribute weekly food packages for every Shabbat. Beginning with weekly packages for 50 families, Oseh Chessed has continued to grow as even more need has been recognized in the Jewish community.

Each Shabbat package contains food worth $100 to $130.

Our Mission

Helping Jews Families in Need

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